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Fitness Trainer, Founder
(IF-Elimate Excuses,Gain Results)

I’m Shanell, a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Also the founder of Inspiring Fitness85. I have spent a large portion of my adult life helping others find solutions to their problems.

I grew an appreciation for fitness for many reasons. My dad was a bodybuilder and overall health fanatic.


My mom is an excellent cook who prepared nutritious meals with love. As a child I grew a natural appreciation for exercise and nutrition because of them.

 After leaving home I gained over 25lbs due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I was miserable. I lacked energy to do basic things and it needed to change. Thankfully, I wasn't far off course. I knew the key was getting back to the basics, proper nutrition and exercise. 


A bit over 10 years ago I took my passion for serving, my knowledge of nutrition, and creative impulse to birth,  Inspiring Fitness85 a platform used to educate, inspire, and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Inspiring Fitness, (IF)you can eliminate excuses you will gain results.